You normally associate Salami and Chorizo with warmer climates but Three Little Pigs was started in sunny Yorkshire and it was a wedding present that got the ball rolling.

Jon and Charlotte Jackson were given Mavis a rare breed pig as a wedding gift. Being fifth generation sheep farmers pigs were a new thing. They set about getting Mavis a partner and a brood of three piglets arrived.


Mavis and her partner were kept as pets, but their resulting offspring was kept as cattle. They set about rearing a happy flock of responsibly reared rare breed pigs, whose meat they started to sell at local markets.

Soon word spread of their quality meat but working the local food markets was hard work and they needed to find a different avenue to sell their wonderful pork. Due to an eclectic taste palette for the unusual Jon started delving into the idea of salami’s and chorizo.

The purchase of some second-hand equipment and lots of experimenting led to their now hugely successful range of British made cured meats and salami’s.


All the charcuterie pigs are born outdoors, spend their early life outdoors in the fresh air, have straw bedded shelters for comfort, have freedom from tail docking, tail clipping and other unspeakables and space to roam to do piggy things.

All products are lovingly made by hand and air dried under careful conditions, so not only do their salami’s and chorizo taste divine you know the pigs are really happy pigs. Mavis has since passed (of natural causes) but her legacy lives on.

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