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Established over 30yrs ago they have retained and maintained the traditional methods of preparing curing fish and meat of all kinds. They believe the most vital ingredient is Time. The shorter the time from catch to smokehouse the better for quality and flavour.

The smoking process isn’t rushed either with all their smoked fish and meat being dry cured over Cheshire rock salt and slowly smoked for 12-18 hours over their own blend of hardwoods.

The resulting taste is subtle and unlike many supermarket products which use over powering and artificial ‘smoke’ flavours painted onto the surface.


Their smoked salmon, for which they are most doubtly famous for, is a best seller, just add buttery scrambled eggs for a delicious Sunday morning brunch. The Morecambe Bay Potted Shrimps are landed daily. In days gone by shrimp nets would be pulled by horse and cart, now sturdy tractors are used.

The fishermen go out at low water fish the channels, netting the brown shrimp. The fiddly cleaning process of the tiny shrimp hasn’t changed much and then they are briefly cooked onboard in water and then boiled in butter and seasoned with spices.


They are very much a food of our grand parents but it is not something we want to see disappear from the shelves. We love these warmed slightly, so the butter softens and served simply with warm bread.

Okay we are not talking low calorie but who cares when they taste so good!

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