Leaf Tea

Leaf Tea

Set up by Melanie Ieronymides, her love of tea started very early. Her mum and step dad lived and worked in Hong Kong and she visited regularly and enjoyed many days out in the bustling streets drinking ‘real’ tea. 


In 2006 she opened “Sencha” the first specialist tea shop in Newcastle, against many warnings that Northerners were not ready for such a cosmopolitan venue. They offered 40 different teas, infusions and eight different flowering teas.

People loved it, they loved watching the tea flowers unfold and blossom in the glass teapots. Unfortunately, due to ill health, she was sadly forced to sell Sencha a year later, although her passion for tea remained.


It was at this time she discovered tea was, in fact, very beneficial to your health and all those claimed health benefits worked for her. Inspired by the oriental culture she set about creating her own range of herbal and fruit infusions, combining wonderful green and white teas, fruit and flower infusions.

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