Fiddler's Crisps

Established in 1950 by Robert Fiddler Snr as he knew that the fields surrounding Ormskirk, rich with the black, well draining soil would be perfect for growing vegetables, especially potatoes.


Five decades on and the farm has grown to 150 acres, but remains family owned. They’ve always been proud of the taste of their potatoes. Robert Fiddler’s wife set up a fish and chip cabin at the farm gate, frying their freshly dug potatoes on an open fire within hours of picking. Today they turn their distinctive potatoes into delicious crisps.


We don’t know of any other grower in the country who uses exclusively their potatoes to makes their own crisps. 

Even the biggest food snob can’t deny they love the simple pleasures in life, such as cheese sandwich piled high with thick crunchy crisps. 

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412 Blackburn Road, Higher Wheelton, Chorley, Lancashire, PR6 8HX
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