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All You Knead was formed in the kitchen of Craig and Julie Dugan in early 2012, following a visit to a local farmer's market, where there was great local produce but no bread.

Craig and Julie realised there was an increasing demand for 'real' bread - artisan breads using only the finest ingredients, without preservatives and using traditional proving and baking methods.


Julie put Craig forward for a stall at the next market and Craig, who had originally trained and worked as a baker before pursuing a career in civil engineering, baked through the night, using a domestic oven, to produce a small range of breads.

A second-hand two-deck oven arrived soon after, and a large garage was converted into a micro bakery, in order to meet demand at the growing number of markets and food festivals.

Such was the success and growing reputation of the business, that Craig was able to say a final farewell to civil engineering and return to baking full time.


I’d like to add an interesting foot note here. About 8yrs ago I suffered a near fatal appenditis and since then I have struggled eating gluten, in particular white bread. My weakness has always been white bread. I have always bought bloomer/ farmhouse style bread from a supermarket, thinking it was good quality, but I am now unable to eat it without crippling stomach pains.

However, I can eat Craig’s bread with little to no consequence and I think that must beg the question are todays ever growing food intolerance issues from the chemicals and additives that are added to food?

Food for thought?

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